Vivat! Band has a very wide musical repertoire as well as large musical and dancing repertoire. Such a rich collection of musical pieces certainly fulfils expectations of even the most demanding spectators and event-organisers.


Below, you can find some of the pieces included in our rich musical offer.

Film and musical pieces

Polish Film Melodies Compilation  - adapt. M. Frankowski - length 5”00
Moment for Morricone

- arrang. J. de Mey

- length 5”00’
Polonaisse from Pan Tadeusz film* - music W. Kilar - length 3”00’
Gonna fly now - music B. Conti  - length 2"00’
Can-can* - music J. Offenbach  
- arrang. O. Wagner  

 Popular Music

 Copacabana*   - music M. de Mey  - length 3”00’
 Y.M.C.A.*  - music M. Belolo  - length 2”30’
 Rock ‘n Roll Explosion  - arrang. J. Nowak  - length 4”00’
 I will survive  - arrang. R. Serbregts  - length 3”30’

 Classical Music

Belcanto Overture  - music W. Haustvost  - length 5”00’

 Music with a Singer

 My Heart Will Go On  - music J. Horner  - length 3”00’

 Marching Music*

 Raise the anchor  - arrang. P. Young  - length 2”00’
 Tiger Rag  - arrang. H. Kolditz  - length 2“30’
 Miss Libery  - music K. King  - length 2”30’
 Hot Line  - music L. Abel  - length 2”00’
 Frulatto  - adapt. M. Frankowski  - length 2”30’
 Wiwat  - music L. Landowski  - length 3”00’
 The Hercules  - music T. Gernand  - length 3”30’
 Alamo  - music K. King  - length 2”30’
 The Gendarme of St. Tropez  - music R. Lefebre  – length 3”00’

 Polish Music

 Mazurkas with Cantilena - music J. Kwiatkowski  - length 3”00’
 Two folks melodies* - adapt. L. Landowski  - length 3”00’

Feast Music

Rosamunde arrang. H. Kolditz - length 3”00’

Marching Parade


Off-beat show of the music and dancing craft of the entire Band. During the show/performance the entire band plays, dances and sings, combined with a spectacular chorographical show.



The Polish Anthem    
The European Union Anthem    
We are also happy to play other national anthems. If you are interested, please contact us directly. We will also eagerly play national music of the country of your choice.

Flourish of Trumpets and Drums

Solemn fanfare - music R. Morkis - czas 1”00’
Drums for special occasions    

Christmas Carols and Songs

Today in Bethlehem - adapt. M. Frankowski  
In the Night’s Stillness - adapt. M. Frankowski  
Let’s All Go to the Stable - adapt. M. Frankowski  
They Hastened to Belhlehem - adapt. M. Frankowski  
Silent Night - adapt. M. Frankowski  
God is Born - adapt. M. Frankowski  
Sleep Baby Jesus - adapt. M. Frankowski  
When Christ is Born - adapt. M. Frankowski  
Wise Men of the World - adapt. M. Frankowski  

Religious and Sacral Music

Barka - adapt. M. Frankowski  
Easter Songs - adapt. M. Frankowski  
Songs of the Virgin Mary - adapt. M. Frankowski  
Intrada - adapt. M. Frankowski  


Church mass accompaniment – Roman-Catholic.


We think that the music has no boundaries. We will also eagerly play during other religious celebrations and services.


*music pieces performed with dancing group

Calm, health and full of joy Easter and many nice moments spent with family and friends wishes Dorota Pawłowska, President of the Board