2013-05-18 IV Wielkopolska Meeting of Third Age Universities in Sierakow

On Saturday, May 18th, 2013 at 10 am, in the sports center at Jaroszewskie Lake in Sieraków, Orchestra Vivat! will play at the inauguration of the IVth Wielkopolska Integration Meeting of Third Age Universities - Sierakow 2013. Orchestra Vivat! was invited by the Management of the Association of the Third Age University in Międzychód Branch in Sieraków, Ms. Halina Echaust - President and Ms. Krystyna Zachciał - Vice President. Program provides sports teams’ competitions of Wielkopolska Third Age Universities .Orchestra Vivat! will musically introduce Seniors to a friendly sports competition.
We invite all Friends and Supporters of sport and Orchestra Vivat! to the Event on behalf of the Organizers and young people from the Band.



Calm, health and full of joy Easter and many nice moments spent with family and friends wishes Dorota Pawłowska, President of the Board