2016-03-20 Performance Vivat! Orchestra during the 15th Poznań Fair Meetings: Books for Children, Youth and Parents

At the invitation of Ms. Olcha Sikorska, President of Poznański Oddział Polskiego Towarzystwa Wydawców Książek, Vivat! Orchestra appear during Poznań Fair Meetings: Books for Children, Youth and Parents.
Honorary Patron of the Book Fair is the wife of the President of Poland- Mrs. Agata Kornhauser-Duda.
We cordially invite you to the biggest event in the country devoted to books for children and young readers. Vivat! Orchestra will be also there.
The orchestra will present on stage 20.03.2016 at 3pm in hall 7.
During the Book Fair, 18-20.03, you will be able to see the exhibition dedicated to the Polish School of Illustration, and also take part in a seminar on historical book for young people in 1050 anniversary of Polish Christianity.
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Calm, health and full of joy Easter and many nice moments spent with family and friends wishes Dorota Pawłowska, President of the Board