2016-02-05 1% of tax for 2015

Dear Taxpayers,
Passing the 1% of tax for the Association ArtVivat! You will help the children and youth with different material status, to develop artistic skills, spend time nice and useful, learn about other cultures, above all, to pursue passions and dreams. Together, let’s give them wings!
Important: To give us 1% of tax, you should add in appropriate box (PIT-28 – poz.125-126, PIT-36 – poz.323-324, PIT-36L – poz.94-95, PIT-37 – poz.137-138, PIT-38 – poz.57-58, PIT-39- poz. 51-52)
KRS number: 0000041003
Requested amount: the equivalent to 1% of tax
Thank you for every given support
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Calm, health and full of joy Easter and many nice moments spent with family and friends wishes Dorota Pawłowska, President of the Board