Honours, awards and distinctions

Honorable Honorary Merit Wielkopolska was given to Association “Młodzieżowa Orkiestra Dęta z Sierakowa Wielkopolskiego”. Medal of Honor was awarded the Honorary Jury Decison of Merit for the Wielkopolska Region of 26 November 2008 and resolution of the Wielkopolska Region No 2021/2008 of 27 November 2008 as activities for the development of amateur musical, especially for the Arts, the dissemination of culture and art of music in country and the Polish musical creativity abroad. Medal of Honor presented by Mr. Zbigniew Ajchler- Wielkopolska Regional Councillor on hand: Mrs. Dorota Pawłowska- Pesident of the Association “Młodzieżowa Orkiestra Dęta z Sierakowa Wielkopolskiego” and Mr. Robert Morkis- Bandmaster of Orchiestra Vivat! and Mrs. Małgorzata Nadol and Mr. Przemysław Pawłowski who since 9 years were exercised the functions of the President and Deputy President of the Association. This is their term of office Association received the Medal of Honor.
Badges of Honour for the granting of Merit for the Wielkopolska Region, on behalf of all Members of the Association, social activists working for the Association, on behalf of managers Bandmaster and Instructors, as well as Children and Youth, thanked Mrs. Dorota Pawłowska- President of the Association. Mrs. Pawłowska emphasized that work, the time spent, the heart and enthusiasm which are inserted in activities for children and young people of the Ziemia Sierakowska- Międzychodzka has the strength, with longer duration of 41 years patronage Warta Glass Group.
Mrs. President thanked for this special award which was given to the Association, thanked Mr. Zbigniew Ajchlerow and on his hands she gave thanks to the Mr. Marshal. Special thanks Mrs. Pawłowska directed to Mrs. Agnieszka Kozłowska- Rajewicz, who was initiated to giving the Honorary Awards.
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Zdjęcie odznaki- Honorowa Odznaka za Zasługi dla Województwa Wielkopolskiego

June 19, 2010 we were witnesses and participants in the celebration of 100-anniversary of the beautiful, patriotic songs ROTA on Plac Wolności in Poznań, which was organization by the Towarzystwo im. Feliksa Nowowiejskiego.
In the remarkable historical event gathered people from Poznań and Wielkopolska. Mrs. Joanna Modrzejewska- Maria Konopnicka’s great\granddaughter and Mr. Jan Nowowiejski- Feliks Nowowiejski’s son were a honored guest of the Jubilee on Plac Wolności ceremony began at 12 o’clock a.m. of the bugle call “Ratusz Poznański” Feliks Nowowiejski performed by Andrzej Kulka. Patriotic songs “Praojcom na chwałę” was song for all noon by 20 school choirs from Poznań and Wielkopolska, plastic shares held for children “Wiek Roty w obrazie” and the city game in search of a symbolic golden corner “Złoty róg Hetmana” and appeared in music and dancing our Youth Brass Band of Vivat! from Sieraków Wielkopolski.
At 19:00 p.m.-which was symbolized the year of the first implementation of the Rota in Kraków, in Poznań sounded Rota on Plac Wolności, in the execution of all 20 choirs and residents gathered, to the accompaniment of our Orchestra Vivat! from Sieraków Wielkopolski- “PRAOJCOM NA CHWALĘ!”
We are proud that we could participated in this beautiful, patriotic celebrations- 100 years of ROTY Feliksa Nowowiejskiego in Poznań.
Information from this events appeared in the Wydarzenia ( the News) at 19:30 in TVP 1, on Sunday, June 20. and is placed on a web page- address below:

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Zdjęcie dyplomu- Jubileusz 100 - lecia ROTY


Calm, health and full of joy Easter and many nice moments spent with family and friends wishes Dorota Pawłowska, President of the Board