The Association ArtVivat! (previous name: “Youth Brass-Band from Sieraków Wlkp.”) was founded in 2001 by a goup of people connected with „Youth Brass-Band of WARTA Glass Works in Sierkaków” (Founding Members). The initiators and mentors of the foundation of the organization and its continuance were Dorota and Wojciech Pawłowscy.


From the very beginning the organization was non-governmental in nature, and in 2005 it was granted the status of public benefit organization.


The Association is a non-profit institution and does not engage in business activity. Its main focus is on:

  • organization of cultural and musical/dancing education for children and young people
  • organization of summer time for children and young people
  • work for the benefit of the local community, the commune and district
  • represenation of the province and the country in the world
  • participation in charity actions in Poland and abroad
  • participation in the celebration of national holidays, church holidays and other anniversary events
  • bringing more appeal to national sports events, local fests, promotional actions, anniversary meetings of organizations and institutions through the performances of its bands


Calm, health and full of joy Easter and many nice moments spent with family and friends wishes Dorota Pawłowska, President of the Board