About Us

ArtVivat! is tradition and history from 1928 years. It also freshness and enthusiasm of young people who are making the music team. Currently in the band is playing and dancing 60 people whose average age does not exceed 16 years.

About the level of music as well as by numerous Orchestral concerts of a very different nature which were playing at home and abroad- from the international festival of Brass Bands (eg Denmark, Germany, Sweden), concerts and marches through the city (eg France, Russia) after participation masses in the church, so celebrations inter alia by the archbishops. A peculiar display of music and dance skills of young people from the Orchestra in a ceremonial marches street, which always eagerly and warmly received by the people from different countries. Our Orchestra has repeatedly performed during both international and national sports events such as speedway, racing, cycling, motor boat championship, basketball, volleyball etc. Orchestra Vivat! is the attraction of urban festivals, promotional companies, anniversary meetings of many organizations and institutions.

We are playing: marching music, film music, themes from musicals, jazz standards, pop hits, classical music in the compositions of such greats as Scott Joplin, Antoni Dworak, Ludwig van Beethoven, John Williams and Henry Mancini. Due to the varied music of the Orchestra concerts are always warmly applauded.

The advantage of the Orchestra- in addition to youthful enthusiasm and an attractive repertoire- they are beautiful costumes inspired by history and tradition of Polish nobility. Excellent sound, an interesting program and a high level of our team give unforgettable experience. The Orchestra performs with a group of girls choreography appearing in costume matched to the nature of such cancan dance, gypsy dance, polonaise, Copacabana , and the distinctive element of the other groups are traditional Polish costumers and swords of the nobility. Since 2001, Association ArtVivat! “Youth Bass Band of Sieraków Wielkopolski” was organization band working. The Association also supports other amateur music and dance bands, encouraging children and young people to develop their artistic talents. Through the Association, Orchestra Vivat! participates in many prestigious music project.

Calm, health and full of joy Easter and many nice moments spent with family and friends wishes Dorota Pawłowska, President of the Board